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Harold Moore's Last Calling Session

Harold Moore's Last Calling Fri-Sat 23-24 August

Harold was a Charter Member of the Riverside Gypsy Squares when it first started in 1994, he's called for each of the Gypsy's 25 years since and he's the last Gyspy Caller to call just before the Gypsy's 25th Anniversary next month.

Harold has been a regular fixture in the Ottawa and Seaway Valley area since 1986 and his club, the Seaway Squares, saw almost 30 years of dancing. On August 23 and 24, Harold will be calling his last dance at the Riverside Gypsy Squares ... a good reason to come out and say a fond farewell as Harold hangs up his microphone and put his records away.

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Dance with us

Open House information -- September

Tired of the Same Old, Same Old? Need a Break? Something to do with a friend? Meet new friends?

Join Us. There are over 20 clubs offering Open House nights in September so that you can see what Square, Round and Line Dancing is all about.  You can dance all over Eastern Ontario and neighbouring areas ... from Kingston to Prescott, Carleton Place to Pembroke, Ottawa to Cornwall and many cities and towns between.

Click the Open House Info button below for a list of clubs who are welcoming new dancers.

Open House Info

Also check out these links:

Another successful Swing into Spring

Swing into Spring 2018

Another successful Swing into Spring is in the books. Thanks to Gary and Jerry for super calling, and Roy & Janet for super cueing! Everyone who was there had a wonderful time! And thank you to everyone who did attend - whether for all of it or part of it, your attendance and support were greatly appreciated. The Organizing Committee, EOSARDA, and SVSRDA thank you all.

New Class for Round Dance

Mississippi Squares starting Beginners Class

Mississippi Squares are starting a new Waltz and Two-Step class for beginners, starting Jan 8. Here's a chance to find out what Round Dancing is all about. Click here for more information.

A $2.00 ticket for Fall Fest?

Improving Fall Fest while reducing cost

Imagine attending next year's Fall Fest dance with top notch callers and cuers ... and paying less than $2.00 per ticket.

At the moment, it's just one option for funding Fall Fest that was presented at the November Council of Dancers. Club executives need to be considering such ideas to come up with a new funding formula for Fall Fest.

In a nutshell, one proposal is to charge clubs a small amount per dancer at registration time. For this season, that would have put the per-dancer levy for this year’s Fall Fest at $1.48 per dancer. For a club of 10 dancers the levy would have been $14.80 -- less than the cost of 2 ribbons. Clubs could give away the tickets free to their dancers, sell them at cost, or reap a small surplus by selling the tickets for a nominal $7.00 each. Something to consider.

EOSARDA itself is funded by dancers a $2.00 registration fee per dancers. However, looming deficit situtations are possible if we don't cut potential spending or adopt a new funding model.

Something to consider. Read more about these issues here and discuss them with your club.

Fall Fest 2017

Fall Fest 2017

EOSARDA’s Fall Fest Dance took place October 22, 2017 at St. Matthew High School in Orleans. A fun time was had by approximately 100 dancers, although sadly down a bit from 140 the previous year.

16 clubs out of 30 were represented and 3 newly graduated Basic dancers from last year attended with their free coupon. Mississippi Squares had the biggest turnout, followed by the Meri Squares and Village Squares.

All had a wonderful time square dancing to the calling of Brian Crawford and Dave Hutchinson and doing rounds cued by Jean and Don Clingin.

The 20 pies fruit tray consumed were enjoyed along with tea and coffee served in a separate room allowing for folks to sit down and enjoy socializing with fellow dancers. There was a fruit tray also for those unable to consume pie.

Trivia: The same number of pies were consumed this Fall Fest as were last Fall Fest.

Bob Cathcart

Bob Cathcart

Bob Cathcart, long time caller of the Capital Steppers, passed away Wednesday from cancer. Bob was a master choreographer who entertained his dancers with smooth dancing.

If you were lucky enough to ever dance in one of the clubs he called for, you would see that Bob made a point of meeting and greeting every dancer during the evening.

Bob retired from calling in 2012 and caller Paul Adams wrote a wonderful tribute to Bob on the occasion of our Ottawa Area Callers Association retirement dinner & presentation for Bob. Here’s a link to that article

It was Bob's wishes not to have a service. Condolences may be sent to:

Gayle Alberelli
1509 Claymore Ave
Ottawa, ON, K2C 1T2

Welcome New Dancers -- OPEN HOUSES

What are you waiting for?

Have you been missing out on the fun? Why not join a thousand other dancers throughout Eastern Ontario, from Ottawa to Bellville, Kingston to Cornwall, Pembroke to Prescott?

Each September, Square, Round and Line Dance Clubs begin their Fall season. These clubs invite you to join them at their Open House nights and experience for yourself the fun of dancing

We've prepared a list of clubs that will you show how easy it can be. Visit one or more club. No experience necessary. All ages. No partners needed; Solos welcomed for Square Dancing and Line Dancing.

Click here to find clubs in your area who are welcoming NEW dancers

  Scroll down to see video -- "...Fun"

Swinging Swallows Celebrates 30 Years

Swinging Swallows Celebrates 30 Years

The Swinging Swallows in Pembroke are celebrating their 30th Anniversary.  Former EOSARDA callers Mel Wilkerson and Andy Himburg-Larsen have called at the club for many years.  The 30th celebration takes place on September 30, 2:30 - 7:30 with a pot-luck supper mid-way through the event. It's open to all.  Dancing will be Basics/MS/Plus with Francois Desmarais, their Club Caller keeping them busy. Please let Gloria Bateman (bateman.gloria@gmail.com) know if you will be attending.

Swing Into Spring 2017

Join Johnny, Jeff and Jerry at Swing Into Spring

Dance events are designed for new and experienced dancers.
- Square dance: basic and mainstream through plus and advanced
- Round dance: phase 3 to 5.

Swing into Spring offers dancing Fri evening, Sat AM, PM and evening, Sunday AM — and a Sunday afternoon Mothers' Day Dance

May 5 - 7 2017
South Grenville District High School
1000 Edward Street North,
Prescott, Ontario.
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EOSARDA's Publicity Network

Make Sure You Join EOSARDA's Publicity Network

Recruiting new dancers is an essential part of every dance club’s core activities. Failure to bring in new dancers to replace those who drop out due to age, health, relocation or changing priorities will ultimately result in a club being forced to close its doors for lack of members.

Frosty Fling

Great time at Frosty Fling

The successful February 4,2017 Frosty Fling was attended by 155 people. It was great to see everyone having such a good time ... smiling faces tell all.

Clothing was provided by Taggerwear -- a local custom made dance wear company that is located in Barrhaven. They also had a huge assortment of dance shoes suitable for both square and round dancing.

The dance ended with a light lunch of sandwiches, veggies, fruit, and sweets to munch on with tea and coffee while enjoying some socializing off of the dance floor.

Many thanks to the Dance Committee and EOSARDA board members who greeted the dancers, set up of tea and coffee and worked tirelessly to prepare the food. Thank you to Meri Squares for their assistance at the registration and share the wealth desks as well as in the kitchen. Your help was greatly appreciated. Many thanks to the dance leaders for co-ordinating a great program, to Dave Western for welcoming the new dancers and all the experienced dancers who offered their support.

Square Dance Open Houses -- Jan 2017

Open House

The traditional starting time for new dancers is in September of each year.  However a few clubs are holding Open House nights in January, 2017.   Below is a list of those clubs that are actively looking for new dancers this January.

If you want to see the fun we have in square dancing, contact one of these clubs.  You can also check other square dance clubs in the area who might dance on different days and closer locations; contact them to see if they can accommodate new dancers. Look for clubs that dance the BASIC level.

Meri Squares dance on Tuesday nights at Westminister Presbyterian Church, 470 Roosevelt Ave, Ottawa.  Contact Harold Hedley & Wendy McCracken, 613-731-6538, harold_hedley@primus.ca.  Open House on Tues 17 Jan from 7:30 to 9:30pm at the club location and also Sun Jan 22, from 1:00 to 4:00pm at the Heron Community Centre.

Ottawa Date Squares dance on Wednesday nights in Room 201, Jack Purcell Community Centre, 320 Jack Purcell Lane, Ottawa.   Contact James Williamson, 613-804-2446, OttawaDateSquares@gmail.com.  Open House on Wed Jan 4 & 11 from 6:30 to 9:00pm

Other clubs to be listed as they inform the webmaster

Council of Dancers Meeting -- Nov 20 2016

Council of Dancers

The next Council of Dancers meeting is at 1:30pm in the Ottawa Citizen Building on Baxter Road, Ottawa. This is Your Club's opportunity to find out what's happening with Square and Round Dancing in the region.

Is Canada Post the answer to your recruiting problems? Come and find out! Dave Western has some interesting results from his use of an Ad-Mail campaign.

Clubs can have a maximum of 2 voting representatives at the meeting but all dancers are welcome to attend.

Freshments provided.

Fun at Fall Fest 2016

2 Halls Full of Dancers

Fun time at EOSARDA's Fall Fest 2016.   Over 140 dancers present representing 21 clubs --  including a couple from  Pinawa, Manitoba.  Glad you could join us.

Great support from our local callers.  Dance Committee did a wonderful job putting on and runing the dance.  Tx

The Basic/Mainstream hall was fun; at one tme we had 6 squares on the floor.  Thank you to our higher level dancers for supporting the Basics.

Andy Himburg-Larsen and Donna Stewart kept the other dancers very busy in the Plus/A1/Rounds hall.

And we ate 20 delicious pies at the end of the dance ... to replace all the calories that we burned off beforehand :-)

Fall Fest 2016

Fall Fest 2016


EOSARDA is excited to bring back Fall Fest 2016 with a new format.
- Assorted Pies!!
- Our very own local Square and Round Dance leaders!!
    Basic and Mainstream - Bob Summers
    Plus/A1 - Andy Himberg-Larsen
    Rounds Phases II-IV - Donna Stewart
- Clothing for sale by Dancing Princess!!
- Share the Wealth!!

Check out the flyer HERE

Welcome New Dancers

What are you waiting for?


Have you been missing out on all this? Why not join a thousand other dancers throughout Eastern Ontario, from Ottawa to Bellville, Kingston to Cornwall, Pembroke to Prescott?

Each September, Square, Round and Line Dance Clubs begin their Fall season. These clubs invite you to join them at their Open House nights and experience for yourself the fun of dancing

We've prepared a list of clubs that will you show how easy it can be. Visit one or more club. No experience necessary. All ages. No partners needed; Solos welcomed for Square Dancing and Line Dancing.

Click here: Clubs in your area who are welcoming NEW dancers

See also the next Highlight (below ) for Round Dancing for Beginers

Why Not Give Round Dancing a Try?

Round Dancing for Beginners

A number of Round Dance clubs are offering new dancers a chance to try round dancing.

The Capital Carousels has Round Dance lessons for beginners every Thursday afternoon as part of a new Phase 2-3 level club in Ottawa . Turn up the volume and watch the video here

The Mississippi Squares is also teaching Round Dance for beginners on Monday evenings in Carleton Place.

Check our Round Dance page for contact information.


Lessons (to be) Learned

Article by Jean Lander, Otonabee Squares

This well-written and well-researched article tells it like it is: Basic and Mainstream are the most important levels in Square Dancing. So read it and find out what kind of a dancer you are: Phase 1, Phase 2 or Phase 3?

Reflections on Dance Levels

While you're there, check out the rest of the articles and perhaps share something that you've read or written

Discussion Group closed

Discussion Group closed

Discussion Board software was installed on the eoDance website back in December 2014 in time to be used as a focal point for ideas from members of EOSARDA's Publicity Working Group. However very little use was ever made of it since then.

The links have now been removed.

Promoting Round Dancing

Capital Carousels to Teach Beginners

The number of round dancers, cuers and clubs has dwindled over the past few years.  There are some very active clubs for higher-level round dancing in the area but fewer opportunities for new and intermediate dancers.

The Capital Carousels are currently offering to visit square dance clubs to demonstrate round dancing to newer dancers who might not know what this form of dancing is like.  In addition, starting next September they will offering Beginner Round Dance lessions as part of a new Phase 2-3 level club in Ottawa . Turn up the volume and watch the video here

Beginner opportunities already exist outside the Ottawa area:
 - Carleton Place: Mississippi Squares
 - Kingston: Limestone Dancers
 - Cornwall: Cornwall Carousels
Check our Round Dance page for contact information.


Young Dancer Intitiative

Help us find a way to encourage youth to dance

Tell us your ideas on how to get young people involved in Square Dancing:
• How do we get them interested?
• Where do we find them?

Perhaps this will mean starting up a Youth Club in your area.  Please use your local contacts to see if there would be any interest.

EOSARDA has proposed a framework to encourage young dancers to get involved. 
- A PDF version of the recent Power Point presentation on the Young Dancer Initiative is linked here. 
- As well, we captured the President's Message from the December issue of Square Time for inclusion here.

For more information on EOSARDA's initiative to teach teens modern square dancing or to have a presentation to your club...

Dave Western
Phone: 613-838-5428
Email: dlwestern@yahoo.com


Sunshine Squares -- Alive and kicking ... er ... Dancing

Sunshine Squares article missing from Square Time

Due to an error on my part, the club article for the Sunshine Squares was missed from the most recent issue of Square Time. This, along with the fact that Keith Watters retired last year, may have led people to think that the club was no longer dancing.

Far from it! They are alive and well, and with Bob Summers calling they dance on Wednesday evenings from 7:30 to 9:30 at the Canterbury Community Centre, 2185 Arch Street, Ottawa.

If you dance Plus they would love to see you there.

For more information contact James Kearns jakearns@hotmail.com 613-837-3580

Richard "oops" Sharman
Editor, Square Time

Get Out and Visit!

Let's start our new dancers on the road to visiting

Visiting other clubs is a fun way to enjoy dancing.  Many of our Basic-level clubs are encouraging such visits by making them Free to new first-year dancers ... and angels get in for 1/2 price.  More people equals more fun.  More dancing equals stronger dancers.  Encourage new dancers to get active by visiting other clubs.

Check out our Visit page for more information.

Learn to Square Dance, Round Dance or Line Dance

New Dancers Welcomed as Dancing Resumes after Summer Break

Enjoy Music?  People?  Work out without "exercising."  Stimulate your Brain.

Each September, clubs in Eastern Ontario and neighbouring areas begin their fall and winter season.  Clubs are welcoming new dancers to expose them the fun of dancing. Most have Open House nights where you can learn more about the dancing and see if this fun activity interests you.

Click the link to see a list of Square Dance, Round Dance and Line Dance clubs in your area who are welcoming new dancers.

See Open House Nights  

Local Caller Hanging up the Microphone

Keith Watters retires after 56 years

Keith and Rita Watters have been calling to Ottawa dancers for the past 56 years.

In recent times, Keith has been calling for the Spinning Spurs (Mainstream), Spinettes (Basic) and Sunshine Squares (Plus).   In 1977, these 3 clubs were merged into a tri-level club under the supervision of Sunshine Squares.

Click the link here to read more about Keith & Rita's 56 years of calling.

Trackers close after 12 years

Former club once had 70 members

On April 28 2015, the Trackers Plus club had it's farewell dance with some 81 current & former Trackers gathering to reminisce about all the great times they’ve shared together.

Click here for photos of the windup dance.

Great Weekend for New Callers and New Dancers

Many chances to work on your calling and dancing

What a great weekend for new callers and new dancers.

For new callers, Friday 10 April had not one but TWO new-caller showcases on the same night, one in Napanee and one in Cornwall. For new dancers, Sir Robert Borden HS on Saturday 11 April was the place to be for Basic and Mainstream dancing.

Read More ...  and make your own comments on our Discussion Board

Callers in Agreement to Help New Dancers

Callers work towards strengthening new dancers

Local callers have agreed to experiment with changes to the Basic program next fall (2015) to help strengthen new dancers.  

At their meeting in March, members of the OACA (Ottawa Area Callers Association) voted to teach only the first 40 Basic calls in the first year. The remaining 13 Basic calls and the 16 Mainstream calls will be taught in the second dance year.

By reducing the number of moves taught in the first year, it's hoped that new dancers will have more time to practice those moves and strengthen their dancing skills.

Read More ....

EOSARDA is Sixty

2015 is EOSARDA's 60th Anniversary

2015 marks the 60th year for EOSARDA.  The organization has gone through a lot of changes over the years. To check out the list of past presidents and the different names that EOSARDA has had over the years.  ... click here..

Must have had a "senior moment" when we previously quoted 65 instead of 60 :-)

Frosty Fling Reverses Trend

Frosty Fling -- a good success

The decision to move the Frosty Fling dance to Saturday afternoon was well received and saw a substantial increase in the number of dancers attending.  There were over 160 registered - a significant increase from the 106 last year and the 130 from two years ago!  Square dancers enjoyed the calling of Wendy and Andy and round dancers, despite having some issues with the sound leaking from the other hall, enjoyed the cueing of Jean Clingin and Susan Connors.  Thank you to the Meri Squares who manned the tables for the afternoon and a BIG Thank You to all for supporting the dance.

Don Cowan Sadly Missed

Don Cowan succumbs to cancer

After a couple weeks of difficult breathing, Don Cowan died at home Tuesday 30 September, 2014..

Don opened his eyes the previous Saturday afternoon, when his family was around his bed, and he whispered “who called this meeting?” – that was the last time he opened his eyes.  If you knew Don, you'll remember this is his great sense of humour.

Having worked at Nortel, he was a master of electronics, willing and able to fix any caller or cuer turntable or amplfier for only the cost of parts.  He was kind and loving to his family and dedicated to the round dance world. He would give his shirt off his back to anyone in need.

Rest in peace, Don




Get Out and Visit!

Let's start our new dancers on the road to visiting

Visiting other clubs is a fun way to enjoy dancing.  Many of our Basic-level clubs are encouraging such visits by making them Free to new first-year dancers ... and angels get in for 1/2 price.  More people equals more fun.  More dancing equals stronger dancers.  Encourage new dancers to get active by visiting other clubs.

Check out our visiting page for more information.

Festival 2014 -- A Great Success

We did it!

Festival 2014 is over.  After 4 years of hard work and planning, over 1000 dancers enjoyed a great party with 4 days of dancing.  Congratulations to Wendy and all the committee members and volunteers that helped to pull off this great event.

Thank you to all the callers, cuers and other leaders for sharing their expertise to make this possible. This is even more appreciated knowing that leaders register like any other dancer, give up their dance time to call or cue, and receive no remuneration.

And the final registration count for Basic-level dancers was --- are you ready for it, -- 64!  According to the callers, the Basic hall was the liveliest and most fun of all the rooms to be in.  Congratulations to all the Basic dancers for taking such a leap of faith to attend your first convention after only one year of dancing.

Check out David Owen's collage of pictures of dancers on Parliament Hill.

Here`s CTV news video of dancers having fun on the Hill


Our BASIC Universe


With less a month to go until Festival 2014, we have over 5 full squares of Basic-level dancers registered. With angels and supporters -- even more squares.  We had to switch to a larger room to hold all these dancers.  The Basic hall is open from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm so you will get your fill of dancing.

This is the largest registration at the Basic level in a long time.  In Calgary, organizers initially cancelled their Basic Hall because only a few Basic-level dancers were registered.  Halifax had 7 Basic-level dancers registered..

So -- this is a great opportunity for Basic dancers -- local and out-of-towners.  You'll have lots of fun and be much stronger dancers by the time the party is over.   If you haven't registered yet, get on board NOW.

The Universe is unfolding...

Great News!

As the poet wrote: "...the unverse is unfolding as it should.":

With less than 4 months left before Festival 2014
- Registrations jumped by 10% in the last 30 days
- We have 3 squares of BASIC dancers registered
- People are offering to host local dancers who live out of town
- We almost have a square of Wheel Chair dancers

Be part of the fun and success. Register! Volunteer! Host!

Note: You don't need to live next to the Convention Center to offer to host; bus access is fine from many places in Ottawa or dancers can drive downtown and park near the Festival. Specifically, we'd like to host our new Basic dancers who might not otherwise be inclinded to partake of the Festival. Contact the webmaster if you can help.

Banner Year for Clubs and Dancers

Celebrations and Anniversaries

What a year 2014 is turning out to be! Not only are we hosting the Canadian National Square and Round Dance Convention in July, but take a look at these hightlights:
- 40 years for the Village Squres
- 40 years for the Harbour Lites
- 45 years for the Meri Squares
- 50 years for the Swinging Saints
- 55 years for the Sunshine Squares

WOW! Hey, I remember being 40

A new look for EOSARDA

EOSARDA has a New Website

This is EOSARDA's new website. While new to EOSARDA (and to many dancers), this website has been in existence since January 2013 when it was first made available to clubs and dancers in eastern Ontario as eoDance.ca.

This site was originally developed in the fall of 2012 as a possible face-lift for the venerable eosarda.ca site. Since then the website has evolved considerably, adding new features and information to address the needs of all clubs and dancers in the area.

All existing domain names now point to the same site so you can use eosarda.ca or eoDance.ca to get to this website.

We hope you enjoy your new site.

EOSARDA Drops Fall Fest 2014

No Fall Fest for 2014

Every fall, EOSARDA sponsors a dance called "Fall Fest". Due to poor attendance, the issue Fall Fest was brought before the Council of Dancers in November.

Attendees discussed whether Fall Fest was still viable, given the low dancer support and so many other competing dances and interests. General concensus seem to favour dropping the dance altogether or at least for one year to see if it was needed or missed. The EOSARDA Board was directed to discuss this at their next meeting.

The EOSARDA Directors discussed the issue at the Board's January meeting and agreed with recommendations from Council and from the Dance Committee. As a result, the Board voted to suspend Fall Fest 2014 and revisit the issue at a later date.

A Trio of Trillum Awards

EOSARDA members win Trillium Awards

Local dancers have won two Merit Awards and one Long Service Award this year. The Ontario Federation has approved 3 submissions proposed by EOSARDA.

Bruce & Linda Warner received a Merit Award for their contribution to Square and Round dancing at the 2013 Fall Fest dance.

Anne Graham will receive a Merit Award at the Meri Squares 45th Anniversary Dance for her dedication.

Alfie Marin will receive a Long Service Award at the Harbour Lites Food Bank Dance.

Ottawa Date Squares are Back!

Ottawa Date Squares are dancing again!

The Date Squares is a gay and lesbian friendly club but open to all dancers. We are looking for new members. If you are interested in joining a vibrant enthusiastic group of friendly people please let us know. Right now we are teaching beginners so this is a good time for anyone new to Square Dancing to start. But experienced dancers who want to enjoy our styling, and perhaps learn "the other side" (lead/follow, boy/girl) because it does feel a little different (and is fun!), are welcome.

We are dancing Wednesday evenings 7:30 - 9:30 at 1238 Parkway Drive, Ottawa, Ont. However, this could change so please contact Richard before coming.

For more information:
phone Richard 613-820-8858 or email rsharman@pobox.com or visit our web site

Caller Update

Caller Update

Bob Brown of the Canton Skirts 'n Flirts square dance club had some unexpected heart repairs during September. Although he's having to take it easy, he's managed to find his way back to the mic again. His timing wasn't the best 'though; he went in for his "surprise" surgery just days before the scheduled surgery of his wife Linda.

Keith Watters of the Sunshine Squares is sitting out in pain, waiting for his second hip surgery in late October. With this surgery, Keith will officially be out of body parts to replace; he's already replaced one hip and 2 knees -- and doesn't look a day over 50. Unfortunately, there was a complication during his surgery - his pelvis was broken -- so Keith is out for a bit longer.  Keith hopes to return Feb 5.

Graham Ingram (Mississippi Squares and Kanata Squares) is also away from the mic until after Christmas, chasing some elusive medical issues. He might not be busy calling, but his itinerary is crazy: "He is currently awaiting notification from the medical establishment of dates and times for tests and consultations numbering between two and 12 or more in number, depending on the results of each one." Whew! Sadly Graham feels he will be sidelined for the remainder of the 2013/2014 season.

Various other callers have been helping fill the void in their absence.

Ontario Federation and Canadian Society back on track


Ontario Federation and Canadian Society back on track

Peter Courdin & Karen Remy (President couple of Ontario Federation) report that the Canadian Society has accepted our recommendations for membership and insurance for the upcoming season. During the past year, Ont Fed had obtained it's own liability insurance due to issues with Society. Since Society lumps insurance and membership together, the issue of maintaining Society membership without their insurance was unclear. Check the Emailed Bulletins on the "Recent Bulletins" page for more details.

OACA Honours Bob Cathcart

OACA says THANK YOU to Bob Cathcart

On Sunday, Apr 7, 2013, the Ottawa Area Callers Association (OACA) honoured Bob Cathcart with a dinner and a plaque.

See the pictures and tribute

Gerry & Jim Sawtell close the Round Tuits Dance Club

Gerry & Jim Sawtell close the Round Tuit Dance Club

Jim and I regret that "The Round Tuit Dance Club" will no longer be operating as of September, 2013. Due to a number of health issues we have decided that at this time we must put the club on "hold". This was a very difficult decision to make. We cherish the seven years of teaching and the many wonderful dancers that we had the pleasure to teach. I will continue to cue at events sponsored by RDTA, EOSARDA and SVSRDA. And I will continue to accept invitations to be a guest cuer at other events, both local and out-of-town. Click here for full text...

EOSARDA welcomes Napanee Pioneers and Opeongo Squares

EOSARDA welcomes Napanee Pioneers and Opeongo Squares

Two clubs have recently joined EOSARDA.

The Napanee Pioneers have a long history, getting pretty close to the "over the hill" mark now. Visit them in person or online at http://www.napaneesquaredance.com.

The Opeongo Squares also have been around for a while. Their home is Barry's Bay.

New Dancers -- Are you ready for Mainstream?

Are you ready for Mainstream?

It's the end of the dance season. There's no final exam. If there were, would you pass? Is it just expected that you'll do Mainstream next year? Will that be the best for you or the club? Is this the elephant in the room that no one talks about?  more ...