An event to be remembered!

Swing into Spring 2019 -- "an event to be remembered"!

Swing into Spring 2019 will definitely be "an event to be remembered"! When things can go wrong, they usually do in 3's, we've been told. Well, that held true for this year's event.

Two weeks before the start of the event, we got word that the school would NOT be able to provide our Saturday lunch, as has been the practice in all past Swing into Springs. The head chef's daughter was going to be in the hospital for a major surgery 2 days before the start of SiS and she wanted to be in the hospital with her daughter. WHAT TO DO???? Fortunately, the lady who catered our Sunday brunch in 2018 was available at such short notice and we were "rescued" - and she put on a marvelous lunch for everyone, too!!

Five hours before the start of the event, we get a phone call that our 2 contracted callers were being detained at the border and "it was not looking good" that they would make it to our event. They would let us know... We eventually did find out that they had been sent home :-(. Fortunately, John Charman, who was attending the event and was, in fact, responsible for the sound for the event, had his square dance music and his microphone will him (why, is another story!). So, he was quickly "conscripted" and put to work for the Friday night dance and the rest of the weekend. Also, fortunately, Brian Crawford was not doing anything that weekend, and he was also hired to call on Saturday and Sunday. Once again, we were "rescued" - and everyone enjoyed their calling all weekend.

Sunday morning, a group shows up at the school, sets up a "workshop" outside the gym door, and starts working at creating a stage set for the school drama club - on the stage, in the gym we were using!!! But WE had the stage booked for our use! After a "bit" of a heated discussion, they promised to work as quickly as they could and be done as close to 1:30 as they could, the start of the Mothers Day dance, so we could set up the stage for our callers and cuer. Fortunately, they did finish just before 1:30, so our dance was only delayed by about 5 minutes.

So, 3 unfortunate incidents that fortunately managed to get resolved, and the weekend went ahead. Of course, we wish these things had not happened, and we know the dancers were disappointed that our contracted callers did not make it, but "who ever said life was fair"?! We managed, and we all had a good time in spite of everything.

One positive thing in all of that was that our cuers from Texas had no problems getting here, and they did a marvelous job with the Round Dance Program! We just might have to have them back again sometime....

Thank you to everyone for your support, and we look forward to an incident-free event in 2020 - I mean, we've had enough "bad luck" to last us for many, many years, don't you think?