Square Dance is ...

Here's a reading that you could incorporate into your Celebration/Graduation ceremony for new dancers at the end of their first year.

It was drafted several years ago but we continued to use a slightly modified version of the original Candle Light ceremony.   I finally got around to finishing and polishing the new version as shown below:

Square Dance is a Song
The individual moves you learn are the notes to be played.
When played in a sequence, the notes make up a song.
When timing and flow are added, the result is a symphony.
Go forward and make beautiful music.

Square Dance is a Painting
Images are created by dancers on a square-dance canvas.
The images should be clear and distinct.
Even if you don't possess the skill of a Picasso or Rembrandt,
May you enjoy the passion and joy of a kid using Finger Paints.

Square Dance is a Sport
You are one member of the team. Respect your teammates.
Sometimes the team needs you and sometimes you need the team.
Be there for each other and you will be winners.

Square Dance is a Community
It's your community. It has values like a small town.
Help build your community into something to be proud of.
Support your club. Pitch in to do your share and we all will benefit.

Square Dance is a Puzzle
It's a puzzle of geometry: squares, lines, columns, and waves.
The puzzle is changing constantly.
Although you are only one piece of the puzzle, it can't be completed without you.
There is always a specific place left for you to fit in.

So dance, have fun, help others.
And if all else fails,
Blame the Caller!

Written by Bob Summers

Please feel free to use this


If you do use it, I'd appreciate an email just to know someone found it useful. tx

We have a German version of the ceremony thanks to Heinz D Trost and a French version courtesy of Frank and Annette Woodruff.  If you make changes to the ceremony or translate it to another language, please let me know. I might like to incorporate your changes into the readings or post a new translation of it here.

Check out the link below "How to use it" for ideas.

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Some ideas for you to help in incorporating it into your ceremony. Also, some MS Word files that might add some convenience for you.

* The 4x6 cards are probably best printed on a photo printer or one where you can adjust the paper feed to load in 4x6 cards