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Fun at Fall Fest 2016

2 Halls Full of Dancers

Fun time at EOSARDA's Fall Fest 2016.   Over 140 dancers present representing 21 clubs --  including a couple from  Pinawa, Manitoba.  Glad you could join us.

Great support from our local callers.  Dance Committee did a wonderful job putting on and runing the dance.  Tx

The Basic/Mainstream hall was fun; at one tme we had 6 squares on the floor.  Thank you to our higher level dancers for supporting the Basics.

Andy Himburg-Larsen and Donna Stewart kept the other dancers very busy in the Plus/A1/Rounds hall.

And we ate 20 delicious pies at the end of the dance ... to replace all the calories that we burned off beforehand :-)

Square Time Online

Trial Run of Square Time Online

EOSARDA now has recent issues of Square Time on the website.

This is a bit of a trial run for when Square Time comes on-line officially in 2017.

The link to the Square Time page is in the "More..." menu item in the menu bar

... or you can do it this way.

Why Not Give Round Dancing a Try?

Round Dancing for Beginners

A number of Round Dance clubs are offering new dancers a chance to try round dancing.

The Capital Carousels has Round Dance lessons for beginners every Thursday afternoon as part of a new Phase 2-3 level club in Ottawa . Turn up the volume and watch the video here

The Mississippi Squares is also teaching Round Dance for beginners on Monday evenings in Carleton Place.

Check our Round Dance page for contact information.


Lessons (to be) Learned

New article by Jean Lander, Otonabee Squares

This well-written and well-researched article tells it like it is: Basic and Mainstream are the most important levels in Square Dancing. So read it and find out what kind of a dancer you are: Phase 1, Phase 2 or Phase 3?

Reflections on Dance Levels

While you're there, check out the rest of the articles and perhaps share something that you've read or written

Young Dancer Intitiative

Help us find a way to encourage youth to dance

Tell us your ideas on how to get young people involved in Square Dancing:
• How do we get them interested?
• Where do we find them?

Perhaps this will mean starting up a Youth Club in your area.  Please use your local contacts to see if there would be any interest.

EOSARDA has proposed a framework to encourage young dancers to get involved. 
- A PDF version of the recent Power Point presentation on the Young Dancer Initiative is linked here. 
- As well, we captured the President's Message from the December issue of Square Time for inclusion here.

For more information on EOSARDA's initiative to teach teens modern square dancing or to have a presentation to your club...

Dave Western
Phone: 613-838-5428
Email: dlwestern@yahoo.com


Get Out and Visit!

Let's start our new dancers on the road to visiting

Visiting other clubs is a fun way to enjoy dancing.  Many of our Basic-level clubs are encouraging such visits by making them Free to new first-year dancers ... and angels get in for 1/2 price.  More people equals more fun.  More dancing equals stronger dancers.  Encourage new dancers to get active by visiting other clubs.

Check out our visiting page for more information.

The Festival 2014 collection
... by Nancy

Square Dancing is Fun