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All dancing cancelled until further notice

All dancing cancelled until further notice

As the prime minister of Canada said today: "We've all seen the pictures online of people who seem to think they're invincible. Well, you're not. Enough is enough. Go home and stay home."

In light of recent government action and advisements, to maintain the health of all our members and with only weeks left till the end of season for most clubs, all dancers and clubs should consider that the remainder of the dance season has been cancelled. Dancing in May and beyond should depend on Government of Canada advising that the crisis is over.

Outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus

COVID-19 Information

As we are sure you are aware, the world is currently undergoing an outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus, a.k.a. COVID-19.

Click the link below for more information from EOSARDA and links to excellent sources of information that you might want to consult to help you make decisions about your actions both in general and with respect to dances. More info

New February issue of Square Time

Latest Issue of Square Time is available

The latest (February) issue of Square Time is out. Pick up your copy at your club or view it online.

Frosty Fling with many Purple Hearts

Frosty Fling enjoyed by all

Frosty Fling 2020 was attended by 125 regular dancers and 24 New Basic dancers who joined us from 15 clubs including those as far away as Quinte, Kingston, Napanee and Pembroke. John Charman and Dave Hutchinson joined to provide a lively afternoon of Basic and Mainstream tips with some Easy Rounds in between.

A highlight of the dance was 8 of our Leaders joining to form squares which allowed dancers to earn their Purple Hearts including many of our newest Basic Dancers. Their hijinks during the tips made for a lot of good fun being had by all who participated. In all 45 Purple Hearts were earned.

Bob and Marguerite Summers received their well deserved Trillium Merit Award at the dance and the sad passing of Paul Adams was commemorated with a beautiful presentation of the events in his life that many had shared with him.

Learn to Round Dance

A new opportunity to learn Round Dancing

Are you envious of all those square dancers who get up between tips and do Round Dancing? Here's a rare opportunity for you to learn to Round Dance yourself. View flyer here.

"The dance floor has gone dark"

Paul Adams

We are devastated to announce the sudden and unexpected passing of beloved husband, father and caller extraordinaire, Paul Adams. Paul & Judy have dedicated their lives to the Square Dance Movement for 45 years and Paul's passing leaves a huge hole in the dance hall. Paul brought joy to so many lives on and off the dance floor. .

When writing his blog, Paul always signed off with "See you on the dance floor". Sadly, tonight, the dance floor has gone dark.

Paul's Biography

Meanwhile, ... Down at the Market

60 Dancers prove a point

The point is, Yes, Dancing is FUN.

A great time was had in the Byward Market at the August 11th promotional event to raise the visibility of square, round and line dancing in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario. It was a huge success ...so many dancers and lots of participation and interest from the public.

Read the full story.

Co-Sponsors Wanted

Is it Your Turn?

Successful Frosty Fling 2019

Frosty Fling Exceeds Expectations

Somehow "Scattered Flurries" became a heavy "dump" of snow on Saturday that had some organizers and dancers wondering if the dance should be cancelled. It was a very bad day for driving as evidenced by seeing some cars in the ditch on the way into Ottawa.

But after it was all over, and the dust (er, snow) settled we got this from the president: "Holy snappin'! We made more money on a "free" dance than we did on Harvest Hop !"

But it wasn't about the money ... it was about the ATTENDANCE! We were elated to see that 34 new dancers attended the dance — and this was in spite of the bad weather. By all accounts, the dance was totally enjoyed by all of them.

Although the new dancers got in for free, 80 dancers paid to attend. We had many Plus, Advance and even Challenge dancers show up to help at the tables, dance and be angels. Thank you so much for your support of our new dancers.

Despite the weather we had GREAT representation from out of town locations such as Pembroke, Cornwall, Prescott, Kemptville, Carleton Place and other remote areas. Pembroke, with perhaps the longest travel distance, showed up with 18 dancers and Cornwall, with 7.

Square Dancing in Schools

Square Dancing in Schools

For a long time now, callers have been involved with local schools and showing students how much fun square dancing is -- of course, edging out English, History and Geography might not be that hard a sell and spending time in the gym easily beats out sitting in a class behind a desk most times.

Check out the schools and programs that we know about.  Some have been doing it for 30 or more years and are still going strong.




Keep Flyer Sizes Small

Be aware of the size of your flyer

Here is some information for anyone creating a PDF or JPG file or flyer that is going to be posted on any website. When it comes to EOSARDA, this will typically be a flyer for an event for your club that you may wish to have posted on the web calendar on the eoDance website or that you want sent out as an EOSARDA Bulletin.

The sizes of some files submitted are very much larger than they neeed to be. This
- takes up space on our servers,
- makes the flyer slow to open, and
- will use/cost more bandwidth for those using a mobile device.

You need to be aware of the size of the files that you are asking people to post. There are many Free On-Line tools available that will easily compress and reduce the size of your file before you submit it and make it 3 to 5 times smaller.

Check out the eoDance Submit an Event page for more information on identifying the size of your file and for some links to a few on-line sites that can reduce your file size easily.

Social Networking

Social Networking

Square Dancing is Fun