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Don Cowan Sadly Missed

Don Cowan succumbs to cancer

After a couple weeks of difficult breathing, Don Cowan died at home Tuesday 30 September, 2014..

Don opened his eyes the previous Saturday afternoon, when his family was around his bed, and he whispered “who called this meeting?” – that was the last time he opened his eyes.  If you knew Don, you'll remember this is his great sense of humour.

Having worked at Nortel, he was a master of electronics, willing and able to fix any caller or cuer turntable or amplfier for only the cost of parts.  He was kind and loving to his family and dedicated to the round dance world. He would give his shirt off his back to anyone in need.

Rest in peace, Don




Clubs hold Open House nights in September

Is this your year to Dance?

There are over 20 clubs offering Open House nights in September so that you can see what Square Dancing, Round Dancing and Line Dancing is all about.  You can dance all over Eastern Ontario and neighbouring areas ... from Kingston to Prescott, Carleton Place to Pembroke, Ottawa to Cornwall and many cities and towns between. Come join us.

Check out these links:

Get Out and Visit!

Let's start our new dancers on the road to visiting

Visiting other clubs is a fun way to enjoy dancing.  Many of our Basic-level clubs are encouraging such visits by making them Free to new first-year dancers ... and angels get in for 1/2 price.  More people equals more fun.  More dancing equals stronger dancers.  Encourage new dancers to get active by visiting other clubs.

Check out our visiting page for more information.

Festival 2014 -- A Great Success

We did it!

Festival 2014 is over.  After 4 years of hard work and planning, over 1000 dancers enjoyed a great party with 4 days of dancing.  Congratulations to Wendy and all the committee members and volunteers that helped to pull off this great event.

Thank you to all the callers, cuers and other leaders for sharing their expertise to make this possible. This is even more appreciated knowing that leaders register like any other dancer, give up their dance time to call or cue, and receive no remuneration.

And the final registration count for Basic-level dancers was --- are you ready for it, -- 64!  According to the callers, the Basic hall was the liveliest and most fun of all the rooms to be in.  Congratulations to all the Basic dancers for taking such a leap of faith to attend your first convention after only one year of dancing.

Check out David Owen's collage of pictures of dancers on Parliament Hill.

Here`s CTV news video of dancers having fun on the Hill


Banner Year for Clubs and Dancers

Celebrations and Anniversaries

What a year 2014 is turning out to be! Not only are we hosting the Canadian National Square and Round Dance Convention in July, but take a look at these hightlights:
- 40 years for the Village Squares
- 40 years for the Harbour Lites
- 45 years for the Meri Squares
- 50 years for the Swinging Saints
- 55 years for the Sunshine Squares

WOW! Hey, I remember being 40

A new look for EOSARDA

EOSARDA has a New Website

This is EOSARDA's new website. While new to EOSARDA (and to many dancers), this website has been in existence since January 2013 when it was first made available to clubs and dancers in eastern Ontario as eoDance.ca.

This site was originally developed in the fall of 2012 as a possible face-lift for the venerable eosarda.ca site. Since then the website has evolved considerably, adding new features and information to address the needs of all clubs and dancers in the area.

All existing domain names now point to the same site so you can use eosarda.ca or eoDance.ca to get to this website.

We hope you enjoy your new site.

EOSARDA Drops Fall Fest 2014

No Fall Fest for 2014

Every fall, EOSARDA sponsors a dance called "Fall Fest". Due to poor attendance, the issue Fall Fest was brought before the Council of Dancers in November.

Attendees discussed whether Fall Fest was still viable, given the low dancer support and so many other competing dances and interests. General concensus seem to favour dropping the dance altogether or at least for one year to see if it was needed or missed. The EOSARDA Board was directed to discuss this at their next meeting.

The EOSARDA Directors discussed the issue at the Board's January meeting and agreed with recommendations from Council and from the Dance Committee. As a result, the Board voted to suspend Fall Fest 2014 and revisit the issue at a later date.

The Festival 2014 collection
... by Nancy

Square Dancing is Fun