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The Universe is unfolding...

Great News!

As the poet wrote: "...the unverse is unfolding as it should.":

With less than 4 months left before Festival 2014
- Registrations jumped by 10% in the last 30 days
- We have 3 squares of BASIC dancers registered
- People are offering to host local dancers who live out of town
- We almost have a square of Wheel Chair dancers

Be part of the fun and success. Register! Volunteer! Host!

Note: You don't need to live next to the Convention Center to offer to host; bus access is fine from many places in Ottawa or dancers can drive downtown and park near the Festival. Specifically, we'd like to host our new Basic dancers who might not otherwise be inclinded to partake of the Festival. Contact the webmaster if you can help.

Banner Year for Clubs and Dancers

Celebrations and Anniversaries

What a year 2014 is turning out to be! Not only are we hosting the Canadian National Square and Round Dance Convention in July, but take a look at these hightlights:
- 40 years for the Village Squares
- 40 years for the Harbour Lites
- 45 years for the Meri Squares
- 50 years for the Swinging Saints
- 55 years for the Sunshine Squares

WOW! Hey, I remember being 40

A new look for EOSARDA

EOSARDA has a New Website

This is EOSARDA's new website. While new to EOSARDA (and to many dancers), this website has been in existence since January 2013 when it was first made available to clubs and dancers in eastern Ontario as eoDance.ca.

This site was originally developed in the fall of 2012 as a possible face-lift for the venerable eosarda.ca site. Since then the website has evolved considerably, adding new features and information to address the needs of all clubs and dancers in the area.

All existing domain names now point to the same site so you can use eosarda.ca or eoDance.ca to get to this website.

We hope you enjoy your new site.

EOSARDA Drops Fall Fest 2014

No Fall Fest for 2014

Every fall, EOSARDA sponsors a dance called "Fall Fest". Due to poor attendance, the issue Fall Fest was brought before the Council of Dancers in November.

Attendees discussed whether Fall Fest was still viable, given the low dancer support and so many other competing dances and interests. General concensus seem to favour dropping the dance altogether or at least for one year to see if it was needed or missed. The EOSARDA Board was directed to discuss this at their next meeting.

The EOSARDA Directors discussed the issue at the Board's January meeting and agreed with recommendations from Council and from the Dance Committee. As a result, the Board voted to suspend Fall Fest 2014 and revisit the issue at a later date.

A Trio of Trillum Awards

EOSARDA members win Trillium Awards

Local dancers have won two Merit Awards and one Long Service Award this year. The Ontario Federation has approved 3 submissions proposed by EOSARDA.

Bruce & Linda Warner received a Merit Award for their contribution to Square and Round dancing at the 2013 Fall Fest dance.

Anne Graham will receive a Merit Award at the Meri Squares 45th Anniversary Dance for her dedication.

Alfie Marin will receive a Long Service Award at the Harbour Lites Food Bank Dance.

The Festival 2014 collection
... by Nancy

Visit the Festival 2014 website

July 17 to 19
Ottawa Convention Center

EOSARDA is encouraging dancers to register early since getting vendors, developing programs and setting dance levels depend on knowing how many dancers are registered and what their interests are.

Register Early! Don't wait until the last moment and be disappointed.


Initial Program Schedule

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