square and round dance in eastern ontario

SVSRDA History

To fully understand the role of the Seaway Valley Square and Round Dance Association (SVSRDA) in the support of Square & Round dancing, you need to look at its history & background and talk to those who’ve been involved since it’s inception on July 14, 1982.

The SVSRDA was founded on July 14, 1982 by this group of clubs:

  • 1000 Island Swingers (Brockville, ON)
  • Adirondack Stars (Star Lake, NY)
  • Fort Flutterwheels (Fort Covington, NY)
  • Grand Squares (Massena, NY)
  • Harbour Lites (Johnstown, NY)
  • Maple City Swingers (Ogdensburg, NY)
  • Seaway Squares (Massena, NY)
  • Skirts ‘N Flirts (Canton, NY)
  • Star Promenaders (Gouverneur, NY)
  • Try-N-Squares (Parishville, NY)
  • U-Wanna Squares (Norwood, NY)

These initial eleven  Founding Clubs were located in the USA & Canada and the coverage area of the SVSRDA was, at that time, established with Potsdam, New York as its center with a 50-mile radius for member clubs. Why Potsdam, NY you ask?  Simply because most of the clubs were in the USA with only one from Canada, with all clubs straddling the St. Lawrence River (the Seaway Valley) - hence the name.

You'll readily see from the founding clubs list that the hometown of most of the clubs were in New York State; in fact, the Seaway Squares (now in Morrisburg) were originally based in Massena, NY, moving to Morrisburg in 1988. Over the years, 9 of the original 10 US clubs have folded with only one club ... the Skirts ‘N Flirts from Canton, NY remaining. So, of the initial 11 founding clubs, only the Skirts 'N' Flirts & the Harbour Lites remain in existence today, although the Seaway Squares did move north!

As the decline of Square & Round dancing has progressed over the years, the membership in SVSRDA has also declined to where we are today. Currently there are now 11 member clubs in SVSRDA, one single club in the USA (Skirts ‘N Flirts) and 10 clubs from Canada.

The map below shows the scope of the SVSRDA today