Is "calling" a calling?

If not, it's certainly addicting. Definitely challenging.  And forever learning. Got to walk that thin line between interesting and difficult -- and keep it fun!

I love the saying, usually applied to teaching new or non-dancers, that "It took me many years to make it that simple".

What's on this site

graduation ceremony

A new alternative to the Candle Light Ceremony commonly used.

commrades in arms

Ottawa is fortunate to have an active and non-competitive Caller Association.

for non-dancers

Let`s have some fun.  Get your group together for a night of square dancing.  Experience not needed.

square dancing is fun

Join a Square Dance club in your area.  Fun, Fitness, Friendship.

About me

Bob and Marguerite began square dancing with Geoff Clarkeís Town and Kountry Kickers when the club first started in 1998. It didnít take Bob long to decide that he wanted to be a caller and he started down that path in the year 2000.

Apart from some summer clubs to gain experience, Bob didnít start calling regularly until 2005 when he auditioned to become the caller for the GoodTime Squares in Brockville.   ... more


My projects

eoDance website

A lot of fun building a website for Square and Round Dancing in eastern Ontario.