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This page is for use by EOSARDA only. It describes how to prepare information for the Board of Directors page and the Standing Committees pages.

Updating the Board Table Spreadsheet


Add each person on a separate line in the spreadsheet: include first name, last name, email and phone number in the appropriate fields. No particular order of names is required.

Note 1: It is not necessary to provide contact information for everybody. Historically, contact information has not been supplied for non Board members who assist on a committee. Recently there has been a move to not include personal email addresses due to spam concerns.

Note 2: If an executive position is vacant, include "Vacant" in the lName field.

Information for the EOSARDA Board of Directors Page

Identify each director’s Role on the Board by filling in the appropriate abbreviation in the “dirPageRole” field:

Do NOT populate this field for Federation Representatives.
*Note: the com flag is not actually used by any program but it may help in keeping "roles" straight when filling in the spreadsheet.

Identify (extra) Roles on the Board by filling in the xtraRole field. This could be for function roles such as “Chair” of a committee, “Webmaster, “Square Time Editor”, etc.
Note 1: Executive roles such as “President”, Vice President”, “Treasurer”, “Secretary”, “Registrar”, “Past President” are filled in automatically by the program based on the role field.
Note 2: Avoid putting committee roles (other than Chair) and "Federation Rep" in this field. It will create clutter on the page.

Set the Display Position (dispPosn) for executive members only. This is likely already done for you in the table. Databases don’t necessarily retrieve data in the same order that the spreadsheet was created in so the program uses the dispPosn data to determine which “exec” member is displayed first, second, etc, on the page. For regular directors, the sort order is by Last Name.

Identify Federation Representatives by placing a “y" in the fedRep field.

Information for the EOSARDA Standing Committees Page

Identify Committee Membership as appropriate by filling the appropriate _Comm fields

  • “m" in one or more of the committee membership fields, or
  • “c" to identify the Chair of the committee.
Note: A person may be a member of more than one committee.

Identify Committee Roles as appropriate by filling in the corresponding “Roles” field. This can be one role or a comma separated list of roles.
Note 1: Not all committees have roles to use and some members may not be assigned a role.
Note 2: There are no committee roles to enter for the Operations Committee; their roles are determined by the dirPageRole field (eg, “pres”, “trea”, “secr”, etc).

The Committee Fields are::

  • oComm for Operations Committee
  • dComm & dRole for Dance Committee
  • pComm & pRole for Publicity Committee
  • tComm & tRole for Technical Committee
  • lComm & lRole for Club Liaison, Recognition and Awards Committee

Updating the BoardTable in the Database on the Server

Currently, the method of updating the boardTable involves emptying the table and importing a new updated spreadsheet file to replace the boardTable data entirely.

To replace the boardTable in the database...

On your PC

  • Update board table as described above
  • Ensure the file is SAVED-AS a .csv file (boardTable.csv)
  • Important: FTP the board_table.csv file to the server (.../associations/eosarda)so the latest one is there and can be downloaded to update the next time. It is stored in the "associations/eosarda/" folder.
  • Optional ... Edit the CSV file to remove the line with the column headings and save. This is NOT mandatory. Leaving them in will put the column headings as a row in the database and give a few errors (truncation, invalid value, etc) only when being loaded into the database but this is not important since they don’t contain the correct values to be found by the web page filling programs. Column headers should be the first row at the top of the CSV file if you want to remove them.

On the eoDance Server

  • Log in
  • Launch cPanel
  • Launch phpMyAdmin
  • Click on eodadmin_db database from left column
  • (do this later) Click on "boardPage" table to select it

1. Copy current table (just in case ...)

  • Click on "boardPageOLD" table to select it. (Make sure this is the OLD table)
  • Click on Operations Menu at the top. Select "-Drop" and click "OK"
  • Click on "boardPage" table on left to select it (the current GOOD table)
  • Click on Operations Menu at the top Scroll to middle of pageto “Copy table to", enter "boardPageOLD" as the destination table and click “Go”.

2. To empty current table (ie, delete the data in the table)

  • Click on Operations menu at the top.
  • Scroll to bottom of page and click on “Empty the table (TRUNCATE)” and click “OK”. Do NOT choose the other option or the entire table will be lost and have to be recreated.

3. To reload new data into the database table

  • Click on Import menu at the top.
  • Click the “Browse” button, Select the needed CSV table on your PC, Click “OPEN”.
  • Scroll down the page and Click on “Go”. You will get a lot of “Row Inserted” messages and perhaps some error messages that you can(hopefully) ignore.
  • Click on Browse menu at the top and you will see your updated table